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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Changes to Blog

As you can tell we are updating the Intentional Aging Collective to make the content richer and more informative. Like any community that is growing we are changing to be more responsive to our mission and you the reader.  This is an ongoing process that we hope will continue to offer unique and thought provoking topics about this thing we call "Aging".

Eventually we will be adding photos, videos and other content to enhance the discussions.  We will also investigate adding a "Guestbook" feature so you, the reader, might better contribute.  Please let us know what would make your time spent with us more rewarding and we will attempt to expand our approach.

One of the new features already added is the "Approved Web Resources".  As we go along this will expand to include a rich and diverse array of resources that might include links to appropriate news, articles, web sites and other resources as we find them.  With this in mind we are looking for provocative and informative items relating to intentional aging, wellness, spirituality; community and relationships; creativity; legacy building and renewed purpose and passion to name just a few discussion topics.  Do you have a favorite resource?  Let us know by emailing at  We reserve the right to determine if the resources are appropriate for posting on the blog.

Thank you for your interest in the Intentional Aging Collective.  Jenny and I are looking forward with great expectations!



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