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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative As A Rose

One of my dearest friends, a healer, kinesiologist, and writer, has spent most of his adult life investigating the nature of human creativity as it impacts our sense of wellness. He has an analogy that I want to share with you about creativity and aging.

Each human being is like a rose bush. Every year until it dies the rose bush produces beautiful blooms, none of which are the same yet they all are beautiful. The bush does not judge whether or not a bloom is "the prettiest" or "the biggest" it just does what it does. As it ages it may not produce as many blooms each year but they are still beautiful and unique.

In many ways we are like the rose bush. We are by our nature creative beings with the ability to manifest extraordinarily throughout our life course. It is in our DNA, to choose not to be creative with our lives might just go against this nature and maybe just be the a major cause of our unhappiness and loss of identity as we age.

The analogy works for me!

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