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Friday, March 5, 2010

What Do You Love?

I am taken by the notion that we become what we love.

Wayne Muller says "When we do what we love, again and again, our life comes to hold the fragrance of that thing. When we hold something in our hands day after day, our hands conform to the shape of what we have held." (How, Then, Shall We Live?)

There are many things in life I did not have the ability to love. On the flip side, I have also loved many things. My family and my community of friends. My music and wild places. My home and my town. I have come to know these things and people and have come to realize that what I love has shaped me, without a doubt. These are the things which have created the fabric of my life. I am fortunate and grateful for everything and I am also wondering how it might change as I grow in to this next stage of life with more intention than I showed in the first two-thirds.

I think that in the beginning of this adult life I loved the things I was supposed to love...doing my duty, so to speak! I loved them for what they could do for me... money, fame, status, friends, etc. Now I am more discerning about what I love including how and with whom I spend my time.

Now I tend to look for people and things that nourish me spiritually and emotionally and bring joy and satisfaction. These things seem to be more in alignment with my sense of values and how I wish the world to be after I'm gone. I also gain in courage from doing what I love. Courage to be unfinished as that is.

What do you love? When you answer this you gain clarity of purpose and the ability to act on what you believe...and isn't that what we really love?

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