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Friday, February 26, 2010


Aging intentionally is a heady idea, isn't it? The thought that there is another way to relate to the aging process. The notion that as we age we can find newness in what will most likely be the last major period of our lives. What an opposite view from the thought that the only thing unknown is when and how it will come to an end.

According to Joan Chittister, "Growth in later life requires the curiosity of a five-year-old and the confidence of a teenager." We can actually be whatever we want to be without the all the drama and posturing of younger life. We can re-create ourselves and be creative in the world in very different ways than we allowed ourselves earlier.

I'm not talking about "creative" as in "artistic". I'm talking about creative as in finding those parts of ourselves that that have been unexpressed in life and let them out. Cooking a good meal, organizing a block cleanup, organizing community rides for kids to go to events, and starting a book club are all acts of creativity...they are new and did not exist before.

There are only a few things necessary to do this. The most important is to choose a new way of being, thinking and doing in the world. It can be frightening because we are not encouraged to really know ourselves and to take action based on this knowing. We spend many years doin gand being what others expected us to be and do. Intentional aging is about continuing to grow spiritually, mentally, and morally as a person. All the wisdom of your life is about something, isn't it? We have to want to experience the newness in order to make this period fulfilling and meaningful.

Choose well my friends!

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