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Monday, December 21, 2009

Positive Aging Conference Overview--Community

Community and Positive Aging:

One of the tracks that interested me at the Positive Aging Conference was "Community". Although many of the presentations were specific to care facilities or retirement communities there were a few new and interesting concepts presented.

I did not get a chance to hear many of the presentations because they were all going on at the same time but I did get to two sessions. Here are some of the things I took away.

Community through Social Networking: Carol Orsborne, and Sharon Whitely,

The focus of this session was mostly about women and I was taken by the facts the presenters gave regarding the number of "boomers and beyond" who are familiar with social networking and the expected growth. It also reminded me that the meaning of "community" is changing and the electronic media is a growing option for building a new sense of community.

Still, isn't it hard to have coffee regularly with your cyber-neighbor in New Zealand?

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Cultivating a Culture of Successful Aging David Gobble, Masterpiece Living Academy.

Dr. Gobble suggested that nursing home managers know that in order to attract the new, active, informed older adult, they must offer, in addition to exceptional amenities, an opportunity to remain healthy, vital and independent. However, the research on aging tells us that it takes more than a wellness program, as we currently see them, to age successfully. It takes an environment which believes that older adults can grow...a culture that is dedicated to helping them to achieve their life's goals.

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Dreaming and the Community of Generations: HR Moody, AARP

Rick, talked about how to interpret "big dreams" through ancestors, parents, children and even grandchildren. He used classic dream scenarios as discussion points.

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Other topics and speakers in the Community sessions were:

Sandra Timmerman; MetLife Mature Market Institute: How to discover what really matters in Community

Dick Goldberg; Coming Of Age; Jan Hively, Vital Aging Network; Community Networks to Support Positive Aging

Maria Malayter; Center for Positive Aging National-Louis University: Creating a Center for Positive Aging in Metropolitan Chicago

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