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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Legacy is caring in all directions

The usual framing of legacy is that it is a planfull activity engaged in by elders on behalf of youngers, it is about ensuring a good future for the generations that come after one’s own, and it is about the transmission of resources, both material and cultural.

I’d like to assert that legacy is not only about planning for the future, but it is an activity that happens in the here-and-now, in the context of our present relationships with each other, and – and this is an important point – it happens in all directions and amongst people of all capacities, not only from elders to youngers, but it goes in the other direction, too, and between age-peers, as well, and not only from the well-resourced to the less-resourced.

Creating legacy is about planning for the future, certainly, but it is also about how we care for each other now, how we are present to each other and share our greatest resources, ourselves, most especially our loving attention, with the wisdom that what we do now for each other shapes how the future looks for all creatures on the planet.

These are must my notions. I'd invite you to share your thoughts on legacy, too.

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